Oh my god he came on. ;U;

Berska came online.

After months off he came back.

Oh my god. I literally gasped when I saw his messages.

He sent them last Thursday.. Graet StarClan get him on again.

//screams and runs around//

;U; Its been four months.

Hes nine.. I dont think he knows how old I am, considering my moshi profile says Im ten, due to my sister.

Okay, Ive calmed down now. :3

I am so sick and tired of this moving thing and no-one but the cat and my dad will shut up about it. ;=;

Whenever I ask my mum and sis to stop all I get is "Its going to happen eventually" and they basically ignore me besides that.

*sigh* Im so bored..


Thats who I got for my homeroom teacher.

Comet = disappointed

Comet = hoping for the love of mewtwo Kayla is in my class

Comet = wishes Kayla was on

Kaylas gonna be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally disappointed if shes in my class.

Of course its going to be another short entry. .-.